The leader of a group “Antibodies” attack: details

Taras Poplar said that his phone is tapped

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На лидера группы "Антитела" совершено нападение: подробности

Taras Poplar spoke about the attempt on his life

The frontman of Ukrainian band “Antibodies”, who played the first stadium concert, Taras Poplar, said of the attempt on his life. The musician has shared details of the incident that happened to him a few days ago.

That group “Antibodies” made in court, learn from this video:

So, on his page on Facebook Taras Poplar said that he worked near a firecracker, when the musician was returning from the pharmacy. After the incident, the musician immediately called the police who examined the scene and interviewed all witnesses.

“A week ago tonight at the Park-syretskaya, 11 a few metres from me when he returned from the pharmacy, worked a firecracker. Me were immediately called the police, who picked this up and interviewed witnesses of this incident. I did not do publicity, not to make a destructive to a constructive process, which really at that time has already begun,” wrote the artist in the social network.

Poplar said: he said that for more than a week he was under surveillance and tapped his phone. “I’m not afraid of anything! No coercion, no intimidation, nor, especially, attempts to discredit my reputation,” said the singer in the post.

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На лидера группы "Антитела" совершено нападение: подробности

На лидера группы "Антитела" совершено нападение: подробности

На лидера группы "Антитела" совершено нападение: подробности


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