The leader of “Boombox” for the first time spoke about the creation of the iconic song “watchman”

Лидер "Бумбокс" впервые рассказал о создании культовой песни "Вахтерам"

yesterday, 19:59

The famous song “watchman” of “Boombox entered the Top 20 most iconic songs of the 21st century by the decision of experts of the National music award YUNA. The award was presented by the frontman Andrew Hlyvnjuk.

Лидер "Бумбокс" впервые рассказал о создании культовой песни "Вахтерам"

“I’m writing “watchman”, if powercase s pobachennya psno vnoc. Ishow from raw Kohana, bilya yakogo sidle DW TDI-voters, that not hotly, ale Brest-Resht allowed me to ne, – podlive Andrew. Have text shadows song about a Chihuahua. I’m a funny name yea shte th Nassau area, de vdbase ODN s sigortasi drug win. Metaphor mizh buns I have a Chihuahua that scho vancini often buuut wojownik, if eyforiya I prystrasti smenyayutsya nenavistyu. Wherein the point of wirabuana for two zakochanych – bagust. Qiao song about Asante led to Kohana the person I about Marinette bidual to myself,” he said.

For the first time he publicly sang the song in 9-etazhke, where she lived guitarist Andriy Samoylo – Nastya Kasilova.

Andrew Hlivnyuk pisnyu about “watchman”

Peramos spectrosco YUNA “znakovi of 20 songs for 20 years” pocha otrisovat svoï nagaradi. Perche becoming GURT Boombox, Chia song “watchman” uvilla to the list.
W tsogo drive Andrew Hlivnyuk exclusive to YUNA respown story stvorennya HTA, yaky VIN writing after pobachennya s dvoynoy.
And you WLAN . z istoriï life, POV Asan z pcnew “watchman”?

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Geplaatst door YUNA op Maandag 3 februari 2020

Genprodyuser prize YUNA Paul Silka claims that the main criteria for selection were the magnitude of the influence of the composition on the Ukrainian scene.

Recall the “boom box” blew up the audience with energetic concert.

As reported Know. ua, alyona alyona will fight against NK and Maruv for the title of best singer of the year.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Khlyvnyuk of “Boombox” in Kharkov, shared the secret.

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