The leader of Rammstein Lindemann made a real mess in Russia: a poor astronaut did not expect that, epic video

Лидер Rammstein Линдеманн устроил настоящее месиво в России: бедный космонавт такого не ожидал, эпичное видео

today, 23:13

It became known that the soloist of the popular German metal band Rammstein till Lindemann posted on his Instagram a rather unusual video. On it, frontman jokingly exchanges blows with the astronaut at the Palace square in St. Petersburg. This movie has caused a wave of discussions in social networks, and some even took it as a recognition of rock star in love to Russia.

Лидер Rammstein Линдеманн устроил настоящее месиво в России: бедный космонавт такого не ожидал, эпичное видео

Till Lindemann

This ridiculous duel between wearing a coat and hat Lindemann and an astronaut in a spacesuit, he’s Swedish actor Peter Stormare, came under the Russian “Kalinka”.

It should be noted that for the hours the video attracted more than 80 thousand views and mountain reviews.

The majority of Russian users have optimistic comments about the performance, and some have suggested the Till to move to Russia. Someone even considered it as a love star to Russia.

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This video was shot within the challenge #Stehaufchallenge, which is dedicated to the video for the song called, Steh auf. Moreover, it all started for presentation 2 album which will be released on Friday, November 22.

It is also noted that as part of a tour on the new album, the band Lindemann will perform in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Recall that the frontman of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann and leader of Hypocrisy and Pain Peter Tagtgren after the presentation of the video Steh auf has released a video of a new song Ich weiß es nicht.

As reported by the portal Znayu Svetlana Loboda put a quivering series of photos with the youngest daughter, Tilda, the alleged father of which is lead singer of Rammstein till Lindemann.

The portal also Znayu wrote that in the capital of Ukraine with a concert going legendary frontman of the German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann and multi-instrumentalist Peter tägtgren.

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