'The Leafs want to go all out' – Nick Suzuki

“The Leafs want to go all out» - Nick Suzuki


TORONTO | Nick Suzuki described the match as it went. For nearly 30 minutes, the Canadian held on against the Maple Leafs, but they didn't keep up the pace for the second half.  

“When they opened the valves, we couldn't keep up. The Leafs want to go all out this year. They moved to improve their squad with the additions of the two strikers (O'Reilly and Acciari). They are even better in the middle. Tavares was on the wing, but he is also very good in the face-off circle. They made a good transaction. »

– Nick Suzuki

Josh Anderson scored the Canadian's only goal against the Maple Leafs. He has scored a goal in his three games against Toronto this season.

“Yes, I probably feel more motivation when I play against the Leafs. I grew up not too far from Toronto in Burlington. I'm always ready when I face the team of my childhood. »

– Josh Anderson

Traded from the Blues to the Maple Leafs on Friday night, Ryan O'Reilly donned the uniform of his new team for the first time. From his debut, he will remember a funny fact during the warm-up.

“I emptied the Gatorade on my head during the warm-up. It wasn't the best idea. But I liked the start, I was on the ice for the first face-off and I felt the energy of the crowd. It's the mecca of hockey here.

– Ryan O'Reilly