The lebanese community in Quebec is upset

La communauté libanaise du Québec est bouleversée

The lebanese community living in Québec is in shock after the explosion that destroyed part of Beirut, Tuesday.

“It is in a second state. The community is sad, worried, helpless. It is tragic what is happening “, let go of Lamia Charlebois.

As several, the consultant in public relations of montreal has spent the day of Tuesday, to multiply calls in order to ensure that all of his relatives living in Lebanon are safe and unharmed, but the communication was very difficult.

“I have a brother who did not. I became mad. A cousin has assured that he would well “, she said.

Aref Salem, councillor in the borough of Saint-Laurent in Montréal, is also upset by the events.

“I have friends who have shown me of the atrocities. They have picked up their business in the street. Up to now, the world [that I know] is safe. In my family, there is a person who has been injured, a lady in the 80 years “, he reported.

Memories of the war

The parents of the specialist montreal Môhamed Akil, who live near the port, have also been shaken.

“All the windows in the house are fracassées. My father has been projected in the wall and it took him five minutes before returning to the hearing, but it is correct, ” said Mr. Akil.

The gigantic detonation brought dark memories of the years of armed conflict in Lebanon.

“My father has been a witness to several wars. He had never seen an explosion like that “, he continued.

The political scientist Sami Aoun has drawn the same comparison.

“For fifteen years, there has been missiles and attacks, but this time, in a few seconds, the damage and the damages are equal to those of the war “, he illustrated.

– With Nora T. Lamontagne and Jonathan Tremblay

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