“The Legacy of the Kami”: the Japan beyond the clichés

«L’Héritage du Kami»: le Japon par-delà les clichés

Love of Japan, where she lived for a year and a half, and the japanese culture, the sociologist and novelist québec Valérie Harvey offers this year a third novel camped in a Japan of imagination, The Legacy of the Kami. Readers fascinated by the country of the rising Sun found the characters of the family Kagi, heirs of fire magic, and follow their dramatic fate, from Hokkaido in the Nankaido.

The universe first introduced in Flowers from The North and in the Shadow of The Shinobi, the two previous novels of Valerie Harvey, is expanding by introducing new characters. Thanks to her descriptions colorful and alive, you end up in a Japan imaginary, inspired by a northern people of the medieval era. Change of scenery guaranteed !

Tatsumi and his twin brother, Mikio, and the children of one of the heroines of Flower of the North, have inherited powers unexpected, and their adventures may upset the future of the island in which they live.

This novel exotic, immersed in the art and traditions of Japan, shows to what extent the fate of the characters can be influenced by games and the whims of the god Inari, the kami, or god of the unpredictable.

The legacy of the Kami
Valerie Harvey
Editions Quebec America
416 pages.”>

The legacy of the Kami
Valerie Harvey

Editions Quebec America
416 pages.

Values and desires

Valerie Harvey deals with modern themes in a framework that combines both the historical and the fantastic : the threats, the lies of those who hold the power, the difficulty of integrating the desires that are opposed to values imposed by a patriarchal society.

She is passionate about Japan, its language, it teaches, by its culture. She has written extensively on the subject, but concedes that it is in his three novels, and this last in particular, she loves the work. “This universe has taken me a long time to create. For The Legacy of the Kami, I’ve read lots of things about japanese history and it inspired me a lot, ” she says in an interview.

It has also launched into novel writing because she was ” tired of reading mangas that were telling always the same thing “, she adds. “I could never roles of girls who were pleasant to be around. There was a diversity of male models is quite varied – the strength can be represented in different ways. “

“But when there are girls, it is always two choices : either the story of the girl super feminine, is the story of the daughter really strong… but that is not good to do the cooking, look after children and will never really love. Of big shots that I annoy a lot. “She wanted to represent a world of adventure, where he could also have feelings.

The kami Inari

In The Legacy of the Kami, the kami Inari really is his favorite character. “Even for me, it was unpredictable ! It’s fun to create a character that is neither good nor bad : it just does what it wants ! I love it when there are nuances, when the characters are not without flaws. This is what I liked in this novel. “

  • Valerie Harvey is a sociologist, writer and researcher for several broadcasts by Radio-Canada.
  • She has published two other novels based in Japan, the Flowers of The North , and The Shadow of Shinobi, as well as books for children.
  • She teaches japanese at the school of languages, collège Saint-Charles-Garnier.
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