The legend of Klaus : Netflix will offer its Christmas movie for free to all, a gift calculated ?

La légende de Klaus : Netflix va offrir son film de Noël gratuitement à tous, un cadeau calculé ?

The legend of Klaus : the Christmas movie Netflix… available free of charge

An appointment this Friday, November 15, to discover The legend of Klaus, the first animated film to be original to Netflix. And in order to allow everyone to get in the Christmas mood, the platform will offer free of charge to everyone.

It is not yet Christmas, but Netflix has already decided to make a big gift to the public. This Friday 15 November, the platform SVOD will put online The legend of Klaus signed Sergio Pablos, an animated film very important for the competitor to Disney+ and Premium Video. And for cause, he will be… his first animated film original.

Netflix generous with the public

And in order to prove to the greatest number that she control she also this domain and paste to the festive atmosphere and sharing of the film, Netflix has made a huge decision. On Twitter, she announced : “Klaus will be available free of charge from 15 to 17 November“. Yes, whether you are subscriber or not, you will have the opportunity to move you and laugh in front of this incredible origin story of santa Claus.

For those who don’t know it yet, Klaus will tell the story of Jesper, a trainee postman, who is going to realize with horror that the inhabitants of a village located in the arctic Circle do not send hardly any letters. In order to change this bad habit, it’s going to join Klaus, a mysterious toy manufacturer who lives a secluded life in a cabin, to launch an astonishing concept.

An approach that queries

It will not be the first time that Netflix will offer its content free of charge. After all, it is already possible to have a month available to test its offer and discover its catalog. However, the timing of this announcement queries. In fact, it is the 12th of last November, Disney launched Disney+.

Also, one can ask if, through this process, Netflix is not showing that it is worried about the competition. With a film as important, free of charge, even temporarily, one has the feeling that she tries to remind his cool picture with the public, and that she did everything to not be drowned/forgotten by the news of Disney that just came out, in the space of a few days, The Mandalorian (a Star Wars series) and a remake of lady and The Tramp.

What to expect more surprises like this in the future ? Follow.

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