The legendary “Doc Watson” Freeman confessed to beating the children, as soon as the hand did not tremble

Легендарный "доктор Ватсон" Фриман признался в избиении детей, как только рука не дрогнула

today, 10:20

British actor Martin Freeman, who many of the fans love for the role of Dr. Watson from “Sherlock”, made a Frank admission. So, Martin was not afraid to tell you that at the time beat the kids.

This became known thanks to a recent interview of Martin to one of the British editions.

Легендарный "доктор Ватсон" Фриман признался в избиении детей, как только рука не дрогнула

Martin Freeman, photo: BBC

You know, now that Martin has already completed a new project – he starred in the TV series Breeders in which there was a speech about all kinds of parental challenges. After filming with him was interviewed by the journalists who learned a lot of details of his personal life.

It turns out that Martin Freeman does not consider himself the perfect parent, because he admitted that when his son and daughter were young, that broke the main parent rule is not to punish them physically and not to insult verbally. However, the actor admitted that he strongly regrets the error. By the way, now to Martin for 48 years, and his children became great. The younger daughter of actor turned recently, 11, and son Joe – 14.

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