The legendary Luc Besson can go to jail because of “discrimination”: organized persecution assistant

Легендарного Люка Бессона могут посадить из-за "дискриминации": устроил травлю помощнице

Luc Besson

today, 05:45

The Prosecutor of the Paris suburb of Bobigny requires 10 months of prison conditionally for the legendary Director Luc Besson, who is accused of firing a helper during a hospital. It is reported Agency AFP, referring to the statement of the Ministry.

It is known that the former assistant Sophie F. has accused Besson of “discriminatory” dismissal at the time when she was on sick leave.

According to information in October 2017, the woman twice asked the boss about vacation, but was refused. According to her lawyer Mathieu Brule, then Sophie called in sick, “tired of the harassment that she was subjected to for several years.”

Легендарного Люка Бессона могут посадить из-за "дискриминации": устроил травлю помощнице

Luc Besson

9 January 2018 Besson fired assistant, accusing her that her hospital is fictitious.

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The Director’s lawyer Arnaud de Senil noted that his client fired the assistant, because she took sick days to go on vacation.

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