The lethal Weapon-season 4 : soon a sequel with Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott ?

L'Arme Fatale saison 4 : bientôt une suite avec Damon Wayans et Seann William Scott ?

The lethal Weapon-season 4 : soon a sequel with Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott ?

The adventures of Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Cole (Seann William Scott) have ended at the finale of season 3 of The lethal Weapon aired this Tuesday on TF1 or a season 4 is planned ? The creator of the series has answered the question. Attention, spoilers.

A season 4 for The Weapon ?

Following the dismissal of Clayne Crawford – the executor of Riggs, and to the confusion of Damon Wayans (Murtaugh) on the shooting conditions, few people believed in the success of a season 3 of The Fatal Weapon. Yet, against all odds, this new round of episodes has managed to convince the fans with the interesting addition of Seann William Scott (Cole) perfect, and to calm Damon Wayans ended up with a calendar more suitable.

As a result, the question we can now ask is the following : with a new recipe that works, can we expect a season 4 ? Good news, it is actually expected. Attention, the Fox – the channel broadcasting the series in the USA, has not yet formally commissioned, but Matt Miller (the creator) has confirmed that a sequel was in the plans.

It is expected, but…

While the last moments of the final of the season 3 opened indirectly by the door to new adventures with Murtaugh/Trish and Cole/Natalie were in the same plane to the Equator (place where hides… Barnes), the father of the series has recently confided : “The end is a sort of cliffhanger, even if less important than the previous two seasons. But it is launching clearly the track that we want to address in season 4. Given that we have already outlined what could be season 4, it would be a real disappointment not to be able to tell this story“.

Furthermore, in order to reassure the fans about the quality and interest of this result, he also reminded them not to imagine it without the presence of Damon Wayans : “We met together and we have made changes to the schedules of Damon. From there, everything went well, it was nice and loved to come on the board. We all get along very well. I think it’s going to be a discussion, a negotiation, but I’m really confident“.

There is so more than to cross your fingers for the Fox formalizes all this.


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