The LGBTQIA+ Pride March in Lozère, like a festive atmosphere in the rain, at the Mende theater

The LGBTQIA+ Pride March in Lozère, like a festive atmosphere in the rain, at the Mende theater

La marche des fiertés s’est repliée au théâtre de Mende. MIDI LIBRE – M. P

La Marche des fiertés, initialement prévue en cortège à travers Mende, s’est finalement repliée dans le théâtre de la ville pour cause de pluie diluvienne, ce samedi 29 juin 2024.

"We were able to occupy public space together, show the Lozériens that we are there and that we exist!& quot; It was with these words that Anélia and the members of the TaPaGe collective launched the third Lozère Pride March this Saturday 29&nbsp ;June 2024. But statically, in the lobby of the Mende theater, in view of the torrential rains which fell on the prefecture.

Rural walks appreciated

Several dozen supporters of the LGBTQIA + cause (those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, androgynous or asexual, Editor's note ) were therefore gathered, in a festive atmosphere. Among all, two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (militant LGBT movement founded in San Francisco in 1979) had traveled from Montpellier. &quot ;The marches in large metropolises are very festive. Those, more rural, are organized by very motivated people!", one of them will confide. "We are no longer afraid and we are proud of who we are and who we love! ", Anélia will say again.

Concert at the theater

In the absence of parading through the streets, several aid and support stands were set up in the theater hall. The evening will continue, in the same venue, with concerts with Royale Canine, Les Poulets Sans Têtes and DJ PomPomPom. With, on a panel, as a reminder, the major stages of the community's progress since 1981. "We offer you a moment of struggle, joy and party !", Anélia rejoiced. Under the storm, there is no harm in doing yourself good.

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