The life of a baby raised without diapers

Baby life raised without diapers


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At the Simard-Lacerte, the little Marc-Aurèle evolves “commando” since his birth in July 2021.

His parents observe a method called natural infant hygiene (HNI) where the child lives without a diaper like our Paleolithic ancestors and becomes clean around 18 months.

” It's a lost ancestral knowledge and, without making a bad pun, we had to learn 'on the job' “, says Vincent Simard.

During my visit, I dreaded a Dexter-style scene with plastic wrap to protect the furniture from excrement… but not at all.

Since baby has been doing his business on the potty since birth, he nor are there any soiled diapers lurking somewhere to spread that faintly sickening scent that every parent knows.

No faecal apocalypse

Marc-Aurèle has always slept without a diaper and is spared the eternal irritations that afflict so many “encouched” butts. 24 h/24.

” He hasn't wet the bed for several months “, assures his mother Marie-Claude Lacerte.

” He first peed in the hospital sink, then, taking him out of his transport shell here, I placed him on the potty and he defecated,” says Mr. Simard, whose large hands had to get used to the delicate operation of holding an infant in a squatting position.

Both parents in their thirties, multimedia designers, work from home, which facilitates the discipline of the nappies and their routine.

« Before bed, the potty. When he wakes up, the potty. Coming out of the car seat, the potty. When you remove it from portage, the pot. When he shows signs of craving, the pot “, summarizes Mr. Simard.

Little Marc-Aurèle has hardly ever worn a diaper, not even at night, and he has been continent for several month.

“We put a diaper on him in the car, especially in traffic, but normally he doesn't get it dirty: he's waiting for the drink.”

To me who, as a father, has always known the unpredictable faecal apocalypses spilling out of diapers, this ritual regularity of baby's needs seems enviable.

“It saves us hundreds of dollars, if we think of disposable diapers, and it avoids a huge source of pollution,” says Ms. Lacerte.

She and her spouse document their experience on their website

Despite his first name of philosopher emperor, Marc-Aurèle is not yet very talkative. How to guess his needs?  

My interview attempt with the main interested party did not yield much.

“Like monkeys and other mammals, children have an innate reflex to move away from mom to urinate or defecate, and the child seems to push the affection away when in reality he is showing that he needs to relieve himself.” , explains Ariane Blais-Lacombe, who has been promoting the HNI in Quebec for 4 years with her site “Little pot earlier “.

” Madame Pipi “

  Nothing destined me to become the Mrs Pipi of Quebec, but my friends gave me this nickname , she laughs. 

< p>  My first children didn't wear a diaper, but my third goes to daycare and that involves diapers, so don't be dogmatic , adds Ms Blais-Lacombe.  < /p>

For Marc-Aurèle, the next step is to reach the pot by himself. 

” It's demanding at the start, but a child continent in a few months, it's a good return on investment! » believes his mother.

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