The light for the performing arts

De la lumière pour les arts de la scène

Public health has given the green light on Monday for the reopening of the theatres as early as Monday, according to certain measures. Whereas in music, multiple rooms still brooding after this announcement, the world of humor that has a good hope of remaking the public laugh this summer.

The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, announced at a press conference permission, from the June 22, gatherings of 50 people maximum in indoor public places, including entertainment venues.

The distance minimum of 1.5 m will be required between the spectators who will be sitting at a concert.

This news has been greeted very differently by the fortnight of entertainment venues that The Journal has joined in Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Magog.

De la lumière pour les arts de la scène

Photo Martin Alarie
Benjamin Phaneuf

The vast majority of establishments seating capacity of 400 and more have confirmed that they would continue to keep their doors closed, because the operation would not be profitable for them.

“It’s going to cost us more to be open than closed,” said the owner of the Vieux Clocher in Magog, Bernard Caza, who went so far as to say that the government’s announcement was ” insulting “.

“In order for a room to be profitable, it takes at least 70 % of capacity, said the president of the Theatre Fairmount, John Hatz. Open in these conditions, it is useless. “It adds that it has already closed the books for 2020.

Of humor this summer

While on the side of the réseau indépendant des diffuseurs d’événements artistiques unis (RIDEAU), and it is “unlikely” that venues present performances during the summer, at the ADISQ much hope on the fact that public health has opened the door to increase the room capacity of 250 persons mid-July, if the situation has not deteriorated with the coronavirus.

In the camp of the positive, the producer Benjamin Phaneuf (Louis-José Houde, Patrick Groulx) has pointed out the Log that shows humor may quickly be advertised for the beginning of the summer. “It’s been two months that we think of a recovery plan,” he said. Even with only 50 people, there’s a way to do shows, charge a decent price and that expenses are to be paid. But there is nobody who is going to buy a cottage with it. “

At Three-Rivers, Martin Fontaine announced that it would resume the dinner-shows in the Memphis Cabaret from 10 July. “With drinks and meals, it’s feasible [to do with 50 spectators]. Given that we are small, we take the shows that are inexpensive. “

– With the collaboration of Cédric Bélanger, Sandra Godin and Yves Leclerc.

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