The light shines stronger at the end of the tunnel

La lumière brille plus fort au bout du tunnel

The theatres and cinema will be able to see a little more light at the end of the tunnel, starting on 3 August, when the limit for the raising of the interior and exterior in public places will increase from 50 to 250 people.

“Any increase of tonnage is good news because it represents an opportunity to increase revenues from ticket sales,” said Julie-Anne Richard, the director-general of the Curtain, an organization that represents hundreds of halls throughout the province.

Expected since a few weeks, the announcement by Quebec of the increase in the number of persons entitled to participate in rallies fell in the middle of the afternoon on Thursday, and came with the clear message that we must continue to adhere to the safety instructions.

“If the passage to the limit spectators to 250 will not solve all of the concerns and constraints related to the representation of performances in conditions as restricted, this step is very encouraging for the resumption of performances in all the regions of Quebec “, stated the director general of the ADISQ awards gala, Solange Drouin, by way of a press release.

Formula hybrid

Some are already ready to jump on the opportunity. This is the case of the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières, where they will work from mid-August ” to a program that will allow us to host 250 people “, expressed the director of communications, Marie-Michelle Mantha.

At the Palais Montcalm and the Théâtre La Lined, in Quebec city, we want to test for a formula hybrid. “We are currently validating the implementation of video paying and that would be combined with representations with 86 spectators in the hall,” says the head of the Lined, Bruno Brochu.

Rooms contacted by The Newspaper confirmed that they had shows with crowds surpassing the 50 people. At the Lion d’or, in Montreal, we will be able to raise the gauge to 80 people, says executive director Sarah Castonguay.

“But he shouldn’t be getting ideas,” she warns, this is not because we have 80 people in the room that it is cost-effective. We will continue to operate at a loss. But the losses will be less great. It’s going to help us pay our basic expenses. “

Not the right equation

For others, caution and patience remain the watchwords. “250, the equation is not good for a room of 1300 people “, says the general director of the salle Albert-Rousseau, Quebec city, Claude Désormeaux.

At the Olympia of Montreal, the doors will also be closed. “For a room like ours, it’s not worth the trouble to re-open for 250 people,” slice the owner, Patrick Levy.

In Rideau, Julie-Anne Richard wishes that the government is exploring a ” more flexible arrangement “, with a limit based on the percentage of seats in each room.

– With the collaboration of Marc-André Lemieux, Sandra Godin and Yves Leclerc

The government recommendations


Gatherings of 250 persons in the indoor public places, and the following outside : theatres, cinemas, theaters, filming, audio visual or recording of the show inside out, training or sports event, amateur, places of worship, court rooms and rented halls, including the community halls.


Comply to the extent possible, a distance of two meters when the spectators are standing and wearing the cover-face for persons 12 years and older.

Seated, spectators must respect a distance of 1.5 metres, except for those of the same household. The cover face may be removed when sitting, but it should be carried when travelling.


Gatherings interior and exterior in a home or cottage are always limited to ten people.


Festivals and major events up to 31 August.

Source : Government of Quebec

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