The Lion King : the new Scar is far from being unanimously

The Lion King : the new Scar revealed in the trailer is not unanimous

On 17 July, we will be able to discover in the halls, The Lion King, a remake of the cartoon cult of our childhood. The new trailer, unveiled Wednesday, however, did not unanimously because of… Scar ! On Twitter, some have openly criticized the new version of the evil cult.

Directed by Jon Favreau, the new version of the Lion King will resume the story – and of course the characters – the cartoon that came out in 1994. The first teaser took almost plan to plan, the trailer original. However, there will be changes in the program and it does not please everyone !

A Scar is very different in the remake

The new trailer released this Wednesday, and as you can see in our slideshow, which has enabled it to have a very short preview of a song, but also to discover other characters. We were thus able to see Pumbaa, Timon, and Nala, but Scar, the villain of the animated film. A character who is very different in the new version of the Lion King in the cartoon. So much so, that we even almost had a hard time to recognize it at first !

Le Roi Lion : le nouveau Scar est loin de faire l'unanimité

The Lion King : Scar in the cartoon vs the movie

Scar is not unanimous on the web

A new design that has not been very well received. On Twitter, the name of Scar has become trending topic for a good portion of the day yesterday and the people are let loose on this look. “They are dead my childhood,” writes, for example, a user. Another problem raised by users ? The dubbing in the French version of the character. In the cartoon, it is the actor Jean Piat, since deceased, who lent her voice and her replacement has not (yet ?) managed to seduce the web.

Obviously, other people have defended the choice of Disney, explaining that it was necessary to change the look of the character to make it more credible :

The Lion King is released in cinemas on July 17 next.


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