The lipstick is made fun of because of the sexual connotation: video

A curious video appeared on the page in Instagram company Nars

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 08:46

Рекламу помады высмеяли из-за сексуального подтекста: видео

The lipstick is found sexual innuendo

The official Instagram account of French cosmetic brand Nars appeared a short promotional video that caused controversy among users of the network. “When sudovye lipstick help you to be excited all night”, signed movie administrators account.

Published footage shows how Rudova lipstick new line After Hours cast with the effect of the feedback survey. Cosmetic of the line After Hours is now available in the US in 12 shades, according to The Independent.

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Page subscribers of the company in the Twitter thought that Nars “too much sexuality” in this advertisement. “And unless the lipstick is now used for other body parts?” – surprised one of the users. “They have a whole line of products called Orgasm, so for Nars it’s okay,” commented the second. “No one will ever want to buy it. An abomination,” said the third.

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