The little beings fragile?

Des petits êtres fragiles?

These days, the wave of denunciations affect all walks of life. Recently, it is the literary environment in quebec which was shaken. A group of 300 women and minority genres “, has signed a letter denouncing the “culture of silence” that reigns there.

If criminal acts or displaced persons posed, denounce them ! But several passages of this letter seemed to me, pulled by the hair, as if women need to be overprotected.


After having denounced the fact that the alcohol flowing freely in the literary community, the signatories write : “We propose to festivals, libraries and any other cultural organization, company or individual organizing literary events – from formal galas to more informal parties, to ensure the presence of at least two women, and minorities, gender-competent and caring, who will remain sober throughout the event. Their role would be to ensure the well-being and safety of all the world.”

Women are, therefore, of little beings fragile that must be protected from the nasty predators, lured by alcohol, and they must be ” chaperone.e.s ” ?

As in the time of our grandparents who could not stay awake on the balcony without the presence of Mrs. BecSec ?

Wait. This is not all.

“We ask that the literary critics reflect on the fetishism of the “young author”, “the author damaged/traumatized” or “the author trash”. What are archetypes dangerous, because in addition to being capacitistes and ageist, they accentuate the vulnerability of the main interested. They divert the attention of the works in addition to attracting predators to the side of the autrices. “

Interviewed by Radio-Canada, one of the signatories of the letter, Mélissa Verreault, took the example of Nelly Arcan.

“It was a brilliant woman, but she has been confined to the character of a prostitute and this has led to its loss. “

The first novel by Nelly Arcan was titled DAMN ! It would have taken that literary critics do not speak of prostitution ?

And he would have had to talk to her about what when she released her second novel, Crazy ?


The signatories demand that ” journalists, reviewers, booksellers, professors and teachers to reflect on their way of entering into contact with the autrices “. So, do contact by email… and never at night.

Another extract from the letter : “During the book Fairs and promotional tours, it is essential that the editors and publishers, as well as the programmeuses and programmers literary ensure the safety and security of women and minorities gender. […]

If we leave them the responsibility of housing, it is necessary to ensure their well-being and never stay in a blur of impressionist, which weaken them. We ask that you make safe their accommodation but also their travel “.

In addition to the chaperones, bodyguards ?

Finally, the signatories requested to produce for young women (and minorities, gender) that start in literature as a document that ” would index the type of abusive behaviour of certain individuals in positions of power “.

Wait, I have an idea for a title for the document : The little red riding hood innocent and the villainous big bad wolf.

God I miss the time where feminism responsabilisait women instead of victimizing.

Where they were treated as adults and not small children.

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