The little missing girl Shannon found lifeless

La petite fille disparue à Shannon retrouvée inanimée

The body of the little girl of 4 and a half years who was reported missing in Shannon, on Sunday evening, was found late in the night, in the pool of a neighbor.

Leah Fiset, 4 years old, missing.

A gigantic battue was held, Sunday evening, in the vicinity of the street Donaldson, Shannon, to find Leah Fiset, the little girl who was missing for 17h.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) was first deployed its staff to 17: 30 to try to find the girl. Quickly, police officers, cadets, military, investigation teams, major crimes, masters-dogs, the drone of the SQ and a helicopter of the canadian army have joined the movement.

According to our sources, the lifeless body of the young girl would have been eventually found in the swimming pool of a neighbor of the family’s residence, to 00h45 in the morning, Monday. She was rushed to the hospital.


The people of the municipality, affected by the disappearance of the small, have quickly offered their help. Yesterday evening, they were dozens and dozens have to walk the streets and woodlands of the sector in the hope of finding the child.

“The people who are on-site currently are volunteers trained and authorized. There are military, military police, the emergency service of the Sûreté du Québec. These are people who are used to do search and rescue, ” said the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Anik Lamirande, in the early evening.


Leah Fiset, who wore a grey coat with yellow stripes fluorescent at the time of her disappearance, was in the habit ” to leave and go and hide in the surrounding area “

“But this is really the first time that it also lasts a long time,” explained Ms. Lamirande.

Thus, the people have been invited to rummage around their house, garage and ground since the ” young Leah likes to hide and wait to be found “.

The provincial police had indicated at the beginning of the event that she had no reason to believe that it could be a kidnapping. Hence the fact that an Amber alert has not been launched.

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