The Lodévois and Larzac destination is working on its attractiveness with new supports

The Lodévois and Larzac destination is working on its attractiveness with new supports

Élus et équipe ont présenté leur magazine de destination de 36 pages appelé à évoluer dans le temps. A.M.

A new magazine has just been released. Very visual, it highlights the sustainable aspect and gives a voice to the locals.

In the additional tools department, the intercommunal tourist office of Lodévois and Larzac has a destination magazine, which was just released in June. "We have two major sites in France on our territory with the Navacelles cirque to the north and Lake Salagou to the south. And between, many natural, cultural or heritage nuggets that this support highlights, reaffirms Fadehla Benammar-Koly, vice-president in charge of tourism. "The magazine will be distributed to our partners and local players, but also at the various trade shows in which we participate.

Stay offers

"This is a project which is the fruit of the work of the team. We wanted a document that would be useful both for discovering local life and for visitors who we hope to make want to spend several days with us by combining part of the proposed offer, adds Julie Solignac, director of the tourism center. Something done through a first edition of 36 pages, very visual which sets the tone. "We wanted something that makes you want to, favoring photos and atmospheres over text , even if the contents are there too". And for which choices had to be made in the face of the wealth of Lodévois and Larzac and its actors.

At the heart of the Grands Sites

"This support printed on eco-responsible paper is based on our new graphic charter with logo and colors. It will be released every year initially. We will see how it is perceived with the idea of ​​making it evolve, continues Julie Solignac. "We want to highlight the environmental and sustainable tourism aspect that supports us and makes sense for the destination. Also affirm our positioning at the heart of the Great Sites of France to discover lesser-known sites and places, stroll through the villages, meet the inhabitants, our ambassadors to whom we have given the floor. As for tourism professionals, artisan accommodation providers, farmers or restaurateurs engaged in the same approach as us.

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