The love story of Vladimir Zelensky with his wife: interesting facts

Vladimir Zelensky fell in love with the wife from the first sight

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История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

The love story of Vladimir Zelensky with his wife

The Central election Commission has processed 100% of the ballots, and the President of Ukraine will be Vladimir Zelensky. In relation to liabilities Elena Zelensky, who previously avoided publicity, have become more open to the press and gives interviews. Recently, the future first lady gave a Frank interview to the edition “Today”.

During the election campaign, Elena Zelensky maintained and regularly accompanied Vladimir on important events. A couple to publicly demonstrate their emotions, and their touching and kissing has already managed to captivate network.

История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

Vladimir Zelensky with his wife after the announcement of the first results of the second round

After marriage 15 years, the couple absolutely happy and treat each other with understanding. Vladimir and Elena Zelensky and mother of two children: 14-year-old Alexander and 6-year-old son Kirill.

Today.Lifestyle decided to share a touching love story of Vladimir Zelensky with his wife Helen.

The couple met in high school, Elena went to school, where she studied her future husband in seventh grade. Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that it was love at first sight. However, his fiancee claims he doesn’t even remember the first meeting.

“Honestly, I don’t remember the moment when we for the first time since Vladimir crossed views. And all because the school Zelensky knew and saw all. His company was always bright. If somewhere loud — so there will definitely be Zelensky. I came to school in seventh grade, from now on, we studied in parallel classes. I knew Zelensky studied at “B” class, and that’s all,” says Elena.

История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

Vladimir Zelensky with his wife Helen

It is known that the relationship became romantic when they met by chance after leaving school. Moreover, when Vladimir started to look Elena didn’t want a relationship, as I was Dating another guy.

“At first, Vova we are not very ladilis relationship, because he immediately attempted to take care of me, and I’m not really at that time wanted. But our interactions have convinced me otherwise. We looked to one side, we liked the same music, we were just wondering about anything to talk. I think in any relationship it is very important”, – said Elena Zelensky in an interview with “Today”.

Later, the future President of Ukraine admitted that could always find a way with them, but with Elena it was different: she did not admit to himself, and that only piques the interest of Vladimir. First, for him it was a challenge, and then Zelensky realized that I had fallen in love.

История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

Elena Zelensky was supportive of her husband during the election campaign

Elena was writing in the days of KVN, only occasionally appearing on stage. So, besides feelings, a couple United and working. It was not until the moment when Zelensky decided to run for President of Ukraine and the election campaign began to occupy almost all his time.

It is interesting that before the wedding, the couple dated for eight years. Elena and Vladimir never even lived together. Zelensky said that marriage was associated with the imminent birth of children, and with that he didn’t want to rush.

Elena notes that Vladimir hurried with the wedding. The future first lady of Ukraine was never considered a relationship without a stamp in the passport is defective.

“We were young and were not going to hurry to get married. I didn’t have such thoughts: “Oh, my God, why isn’t he making me an offer? Does not give a ring? Probably, something is wrong.” Conversations about the wedding was, we knew that someday it will. But honestly, nothing really planned. And date appointed, only when I saw in our tour schedule free month,” says Zelensky.

История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

The Wedding Of Vladimir Zelensky

The wedding of Vladimir and Elena Zelensky where you went all “95 Quarter”, was held on 6 September 2003. Vladimir fears regarding the imminent birth of children, justified – already on 15 July 2004, there appeared their daughter, Alexandra, and nine years later, on 21 January 2013, the couple had a son Cyril 🙂

The wife of the future President of Ukraine admits that their family has established traditions. For example, in travel Vladimir and Elena always sent with their children to spend more time together. Zelensky also try to have dinner, but due to busy schedules don’t always work.

“We try to stick to the tradition to have dinner, but because of the difficult schedules and it is not always possible. This is the coolest time of the day when we can have the whole family something to discuss,” – says Elena.

История любви Владимира Зеленского с женой: интересные факты

Vladimir and Elena Zelensky

Now, when Vladimir Zelensky will soon become President of Ukraine, and Elena Zelensky – the first lady, a few are waiting for a radical change of lifestyle. The wife of Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that yet seriously thought about the future, but wants to continue to write lyrics for “95 Quarter”.

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