The lyricist Pierre Huet does not believe that Pierre Lapointe has censored the song of Plume Latraverse

Le parolier Pierre Huet ne croit pas que Pierre Lapointe a censuré la chanson de Plume Latraverse

The song-writer and ex-editor of the magazine Croc, Pierre Huet, does not believe that the singer Pierre Lapointe has censored a song of Plume Latraverse at the spectacle de la fête nationale.

Lapointe failed to say the word “tabarnak” in his interpretation of the song Curtain. While this caused a certain uproar on the social networks, Ariane Moffat is coming to defend his colleague on Twitter, saying that it was a “snap” and that censorship was “not his kind”.

Mr. Huet believes them.

“It is known for its outspokenness. We remember its up milk at the ADISQ awards. In colorful language, he had chialé on the list of “A” that was Radio-Canada. I think that one can not suspect him to be thrown into the censorship. This is not typical of the character,” he stated, Friday, at the microphone of Pierre Nantel, at QUB radio.

He stresses, however, that the discussions are “fun”.

  • LISTEN to the interview fascinating Pierre Huet on the subject of censorship and editing lyrics :

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