The main thing for the week: Natalia Mogilevskaya moved from Kiev, and Justin Bieber leaves the stage

Read on for some news from the world of show business remember the current week

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March 30, 11:31

Top news of the week from the world of show business

This week was eventful from the world of show business. Thus, it became known that Natalia Mogilevskaya moved from Kiev, and Fedor Dobronravov, who was allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine, in April, will perform in the occupied Kerch. Today.Lifestyle collected the major news in the world of show business for the week.

25-year-old Justin Bieber announced a temporary retirement from the stage

The artist wrote to his fans a long emotional message to Instagram and explained that his musical career is sidelined, as he continues to fix some of their “deep-rooted problems”. We are talking about depression, which lasted for several years.

Bieber said that for his mental health, it is important to “support” marriage with Hailey Baldwin and expectations as a future father.

The court lifted the ban on entry to Ukraine to Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov

District administrative court of Kyiv cancelled the order of the state concerning the ban on the demonstration telecasting with the participation of Fyodor Dobronravov, including the series “Matchmakers”.

However, it became known that Fedor Dobronravov April 8, will perform with the show in the occupied Kerch. In 2017 and for this reason the actor was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine – Dobronravov visited the Crimea and supported its annexation.

The “Alibi” has officially announced the reunion

Sisters Anna and angelina Zavalska that from 2001 to 2012 was a member of the Duo “Alibi”, announced the reunification of the team. Now the Duo of sisters called The Sisters Alibi.

After the first reunion concert of the group on the girls sing as huts and new songs, will be held may 17.

Natalia Mogilevskaya moved from Kiev to Kharkov

The singer has temporarily moved in connection with new projects. Recently, Natalia Mogilevskaya opened in Kharkov branch of his talent school. The artist also takes part in the “Slobozhansky League of laughter” (Department “of the Championship of Ukraine on humor “League of laughter”). When Natalia Mogilev will return to Kiev is not yet reported.

Jamal showed the son in his birthday

On March 27, a Ukrainian singer, winner of “Eurovision 2016” Jamal became a mother. The actress gave birth to your husband the son of Emir Rahman. Long time the singer was concealed the person of the son.

First birthday boy Jamal has published a series of photos from personal archive. In the photo the singer poses with her husband Bekir Suleymanov and a son of Emir Rahman. The footage shows how changing the baby during the first year of life.

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Главное за неделю: Наталья Могилевская переехала из Киева, а Джастин Бибер уходит со сцены

Главное за неделю: Наталья Могилевская переехала из Киева, а Джастин Бибер уходит со сцены

Главное за неделю: Наталья Могилевская переехала из Киева, а Джастин Бибер уходит со сцены


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