The main thing for the week: the details of the Eurovision 2020 and the wedding of Paul Zibrova

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Главное за неделю: подробности Евровидения 2020 и свадьба Павла Зиброва

Main news of show business in a week

The current week was full of very unexpected and exciting news from the world of show business. Thus, it became known where and when will the Eurovision 2020, and also that Pavel Zibrov married for the third time. Today.Lifestyle has compiled the main news of show business in a week.

Eurovision 2020: date and place

Главное за неделю: подробности Евровидения 2020 и свадьба Павла Зиброва

Eurovision 2020 will be held in Rotterdam

Eurovision 2020 will be held in the Netherlands – thanks to the victory of the representative of this country Duncan Lawrence on the competition in 2019. For the opportunity to take a great show fought several cities, but on August 30, the organizers announced which city will host the Eurovision 2020.

Thus, the international song contest held in Rotterdam. By the way, we have shown the TOP 7 most interesting places in the city. Date of Eurovision 2020: may 12 – the first semi-final, may 14 – second, may 16 – the Grand finale during which the winner of Eurovision 2020.

Pavel Zibrov married

August 25, the people’s artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov married his wife Marina for the second time – in honor of the 25th anniversary of a joint life. Note, the celebration took place on the birthday of the bride – her 60th birthday. And now there are new details of the wedding.

So, Pavel Zibrov admitted, how much does it cost to have a second wedding. According to the artist, with the big celebration of the star the couple paid about $ 150 thousand – excluding the outfits of the bride and groom. It also became known that Paul and Marina have invited 60 people, but attended the wedding of 45 guests. Because concerts are unable to come Iryna Bilyk and Garik Krichevsky and composer Yuri rybczynski, who was to be best man – ill. Marina Zibrov also said that he had received as a gift from her husband.

In Sochi has passed a New wave of 2019

Главное за неделю: подробности Евровидения 2020 и свадьба Павла Зиброва

Ukrainian Duo ANNA MARIA spoke on the New wave of 2019

From 24 to 29 August in Sochi hosted the music contest New wave of 2019, which featured many artists from Ukraine. Not without its oddities: Philip scandal in rehearsal, obmateril organizers, and Lolita burst into tears during a performance of the song “Town”.

As participants in a New wave of 2019 appeared scandalous Ukrainian duet ANNA MARIA, who is ranked in the top three finalists. The Ukrainians reacted rather critically to participate in the competition the star sisters, and TV presenter Sergei Pritula sharply expressed in the address of ANNA MARIA.

Italy kicked off the Venice film festival 2019

Главное за неделю: подробности Евровидения 2020 и свадьба Павла Зиброва

Stars on the red carpet at the Venice film festival 2019

Wednesday, August 28, in Italy started the 76-th Venice film festival. Venice became the capital of world cinema until the 7th of September. Then the jury, chaired by Director Lucretia Martel will announce the winners. The event attracts celebrities – Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga, Laura Dern and other famous actors.

Today.Lifestyle already showed the TOP 10 outfits that you will be amazed, and told about the main films for the Venice film festival 2019. The audience, meanwhile, eagerly awaits the announcement of the winners, which will be held on Saturday 7 September.

Alexander Stoyanov received the honorary title

Главное за неделю: подробности Евровидения 2020 и свадьба Павла Зиброва

Alexander Stoyanov

The world ballet star, Premier of the National Opera of Ukraine Oleksandr Stoyanov accepts congratulations from colleagues. By presidential decree he was awarded the title people’s artist of Ukraine. Star wife Catherine Kuhar touching congratulated Alexander on the occasion: “Cat……. you of all people deserved it….. You jet engine of the Ukrainian ballet!”. The artist himself has commented on the new title.

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