The Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, in a poor state

L'hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont dans un piètre état

The heat wave of two weeks ago has highlighted the dilapidated state of several institutions, including the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital in Montreal, where the heat was so unbearable.

Temporary work is ongoing in this area to boost the idea to modernize or even rebuild this facility, which has already envisaged the demolition.

The head of the department of intensive care, Maisonneuve-Rosemont launches a cry from the heart. His hospital is one of the most dilapidated in Quebec. The renovation project, expected for years cannot wait a very long time.

“Anyone who looks at it realizes that it will not be there in 10 years, it will not hold up for 10 years. We filed it in January, on the minister’s desk, and from there, it was supposed to come back in February to go to the next steps. And there, it is radio silence since that time”, says Dr. François Marquis.

The president of the treasury Board says that the application should become the ministry of Health. The office of the minister of Health, responded that the project is registered in the québec infrastructures Plan, and that it remains a priority.

The crisis of the COVID has exacerbated problems that have already been well-known, including the lack of air conditioning.

“Be seated, in normal times, to write in a folder, I have the shirt that I glue to the body. So, imagine, you are a patient, you are feverish, because the COVID, it gives the fever, you already have trouble breathing, well then, you smother!” says Dr. Marquis.

Monday, the temporary works have been undertaken to improve ventilation and add air conditioning in the main building, to cost$ 211,000.

The air conditioning will be installed in a few days, in preparation for the next heat wave.

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