The majority of Ukrainians prefer to work officially

Большинство украинцев предпочитают работать официально

An encouraging trend — more and more Ukrainians prefer formal employment. Among the benefits — guaranteed salary and pension, paid holidays and beyond.

The advantages of legal jobs says

Now Alexander a stable salary and a legitimate job. But it was not always so. He is a qualified welder. When in Zaporozhye there was a private firm hired the professional profile — Alexander called one of the first. Work is not official, but went without thinking twice. Promised 500 UAH per day, and the Manager was his good friend, the risks seemed minimal.

“I worked for a month and in the end the employer, who is familiar to me — disappeared. Nobody paid nothing. I, along with the guys who also worked with me, lost a lot of money, — says Alexander. — I think it’s better to work officially, you have some benefits. I get a vacation, you know, when salary will be when the advance.”

Can plan their lives and expenses in advance because that knows when and how to get the job, Emilia. She was a crane operator at the plant.

“What woman doesn’t dream of driving something big, to put yourself in the place of men. In addition, the crane is a piece of work in heavy industries,” said Emilia Garda.

Fragile Emilia managed not only with a crane, she was the leader of the factory youth movement. But still a student: sophomore at the National technical University with a degree in personnel management. Says — to pay tuition, but also to help parents couldn’t, if I wasn’t working officially. And pay them at the factory is high.

“I receive stable wages. I know if I go to the hospital — I will pay for it. I know definitely that they will go according to the schedule in place, on schedule a vacation — I also will pay for it. If I go on maternity leave, I know for sure that I will come to the same workplace,” the girl says.

More and more Ukrainians understand one must live not real, and you need to think about tomorrow, so to find a job officially. Paid leave — according to plan. And industrial plants and even resort vouchers and discount. Employers, in turn, to lure professionals — builders, fitters, turners, Steelworkers. It is the white official salary and tax deductions. The higher they are — the bigger the pension. Do not forget about the experience. Previously, he was missing for 15 years, now we need to work 25 and your work experience must be documented.

“The very first result of the work of informally — it could be the lack of the right to pension on age. The time will come when you will not be able to work and will need to draw a pension. And in my vision it should be official,” — said the Director of the Department of pension Fund of Ukraine Elena Okhrimenko.

Last year, the level of shadow employment decreased by 8%. Hundreds of Ukrainian companies expect new employees willing to pay a good salary. So people stayed here and not went to work.

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