The majority of Ukrainians support Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Большинство украинцев поддерживают вступление Украины в НАТО

41.6% of citizens believe joining the Alliance is the best way to ensure national security. NATO membership is the best way of ensuring national security of Ukraine, according to 41.6% of Ukrainians.

These are the results of a sociological survey conducted by the Fund “Democratic initiatives” to them. Ilko Kucheriv and the Kiev international Institute of sociology — reports Today.

Even 35,3% were in favor of the non-aligned status of the country, and 6.4 per cent support a military Alliance with Russia and other CIS countries. Another 16.3% difficult to answer.

Also, the majority of respondents (63%) supported the referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, but directly behind it are ready to vote of 67.2%.

The main reasons for joining the Alliance Ukrainians call guarantee Ukraine’s security (76.2 per cent), the ability to resist Russian aggression and to return the occupied territories (34%), as well as the strengthening and modernization of the armed forces (31.5 per cent).

Opponents of NATO membership called the Alliance aggressive imperialist bloc, and argued that the accession of Ukraine to drag the country into military action.

The survey was conducted August 16-18, was attended by 2041 respondents from all regions of the country except the Crimea and occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Sampling error is within 2.3%.

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