The malay Mike Ward

Le malaise Mike Ward

Like that, the supreme Court will hear the case of Mike Ward in the proceedings against Jérémy Gabriel.

Should we rejoice or be desolate ? In all of this, my heart balance. On one side, I find it crucial that the supreme Court enlightens us on a matter as important as the freedom of expression of artists… but on the other hand, I am uncomfortable that they are judges with a red robes who tell me what are the jokes that we have the right to do or not.

I am always ready to defend the freedom of expression, but I find it sad that the question at the heart of discussions is a case of hard on a minor with a disability. In short, I have a discomfort with both sides of the coin.

It really is a case of ” But at the same time… “.


Julius Grey (counsel for Mike Ward) was right when he said that freedom of expression and artistic freedom that are at the heart of this dispute. But at the same time, is dealing with “lette” a child who does not dream of being a singer is my definition of freedom ?

Jeremy Gabriel has clearly suffered from the abusive repetition of jokes disparaging of Mike Ward. But at the same time, is that the Commission of human rights is the right platform to discuss this issue ? Is this really a case of discrimination if Mike Ward laughs at all the world, as much of the disabled as well ?

Mike Ward was due in November 2019 when he wrote on Facebook : “humour is not a crime. In a country “free”, a judge should not dictate what is feasible or not in the humour. “But at the same time, the freedom of some stops where begins the freedom of others, and Jérémy Gabriel must be able to protect himself if he feels that his rights are infringed.

I regularly the lid of political correctness that stifles the public discourse. But at the same time, nobody wants to go back to the time when we made “jokes of homo ” or ” faggot “.

Mike Ward always says that he prefers to make the prison rather than pay the fine of $ 35, 000 to Jérémy Gabriel. We can admire the fact that Mike Ward is to demonstrate tenacity in continuing to defend a principle, against winds and tides. But at the same time, one can also ask if, at this point, it is not the stubbornness or relentlessness.

The jokes on Jérémy Gabriel were clearly offensive. But at the same time, if the humor can never be offensive, is it still humorous ?

I look forward to the supreme Court to hear this cause for we know on what foot to dance. But at the same time, I’m very afraid that we restrict even more the limited flexibility that remains for creators to create.

I can’t help but think of this discussion with a comedian, in her dressing room after a show, I spoke of my discomfort in the face of the business to Mike. I had looked right in the eyes telling me : “Sophie, if Mike Ward is dictating what to say, after this you will not be able to write what you want. “

It is a think-well, is it not ?

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