The man became rich, thanks to the film, bought the “flea market”

Мужчина разбогател благодаря картине, купленной на «барахолке»

A resident of the Netherlands became rich.

The Dutchman named Henk Laermans found on a thrift store painting of an unknown author and bought it for 75 euros. However, later it turned out that the real price of the landscape are much higher, reports the with reference for Today.

Studying the purchase, the Dutchman thought that the old canvas with the monogram “A” in the corner and patches on the reverse side of the canvas can be a serious artistic value, and in any case showed the painting to experts.

It turned out that the author of the village scenery is a Dutch artist of the early twentieth century Johannes Aarts, better known for grim phantasmagoria.

At auction is a leading auction strongly heated, comparing Arts with van Gogh. Ultimately, the price exceeded “shop” for the 400th time. Took a picture of a collector from the Netherlands, who asked to remain anonymous.

Мужчина разбогател благодаря картине, купленной на «барахолке»

One of the users of Twitter have noticed that the picture of “Garrick oscillates between Tragedy and Comedy” (1761) Englishman Joshua Reynolds is very similar to the modern meme distracted boyfriend about the man who holds the hand of a girl, but leering at the other.

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