The man demanded the jackpot after 14 years after winning

Amir Massage won 4.8 million dollars in the lottery

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Мужчина потребовал джекпот спустя 14 лет после выигрыша

Amir Massage won 4.8 million dollars in the lottery

Resident of the American city of boulder, Colorado, requires the lottery to court to pay him the full amount of winnings after it emerged that the other winners turned out to be a fraud, reports the Denver Post.

Amir Massage won 4.8 million dollars in the lottery of the state in 2005. The man was not the only winner — tickets with happy numbers were, and the brothers Tipton. The prize money is shared, and Massage got 568,9 thousand dollars after taxes.

Massage later learned that the brothers were accused of fraud lotteries throughout the country, including in Colorado. The man decided that the lottery is obliged to give him the lobes that received Tiptone. He added that played fair, while one of the brothers worked as a programmer at the headquarters of the lottery and wrote the algorithm prabhadevi winning numbers.

The representatives of the lottery refused to pay, citing the fact that Massage he signed a contract in which it was stated, to whom and how much money will be issued. The man filed for the lottery to court, but in February the district court of Denver dismissed his claim.

Now it Messsage will listen in the court of appeals of Colorado. His lawyer said he expects another decision from the judge: “If an honest man playing by the rules while other players are cheating and they are caught, then the honest player should get everything, and scammers — nothing.”

Recall that in Lotto Max played the so-called “Christmas” raffle in the amount of 44.2 million US dollars. In addition, it was reported that Canada has won the jackpot in the national lottery. We also wrote, as two canadian citizens have hit the jackpot national lottery 6 out of 49 in the amount of 7 million canadian dollars (5.4 million US dollars).

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