The Man in The High Castle season 4 : showrunner explains the end of the series

The Man in the High Castle saison 4 : le showrunner explique la fin de la série

The Man in The High Castle season 4 : showrunner explains the end of the series

Friday, 15 November, Amazon Prime Video launched season 4 of The Man in The High Castle, which is the last of the series. If you have ended the series with Alexa Davalos and Rufus Sewell, you may be issues on the end. The showrunner David Scarpa has explained why the series ends this way. Warning, this article contains spoilers, don’t go further if you do not want to know.

A page is turning for Amazon Prime Video. In January 2015, the platform launched The Man in The High Castle, series adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Philip K. Dick. After 40 episodes spread over four seasons, the adventures of Juliana Crain and John Smith have come to an end.

What purpose for The Man in The High Castle ?

In his final episode, Juliana Crain and John Smith met face-to-face for a very short time. Then he went to the place where is located the machine to go from one world to the other in the company of his wife Helen (who had filled in Juliana on this trip), the train was travelling the couple was attacked by Juliana and his men. Helen died and John Smith ended up committing suicide. In the last scene, it was discovered that the doors of the machine to travel from one world to the other were open and you could see the inhabitants of another world arrive in one of Juliana.

“Every answer brings more questions”

You were a little screwed up in front of this end ? It is normal ! In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, David Scarpa, the showrunner of The Man in The High Castle has assumed the fact that the end stage is open and that all issues have not found an answer. “We wanted to invite the public to have their own interpretation of what they see on the screen,” he confided about the final scene, adding that this decision pays homage to Philip K. Dick, the author of the novel that inspired the series. “Every answer brings more questions. For example, with the death of John Smith and the Reich, which seems reversed, this is not very clear that this America may or not be reunified without conflict“.

Regarding the last scene, David Scarpa says : “What should be clear to the viewer, it is that this portal is basically open and will stay that way. This means that the two worlds have become one. It is a door from one world to the other and people can move freely.” The purpose of this end, therefore ? Invite people to speculate on the result. We therefore will not know not what will become of the inspector Kido, what future awaits Bell Malory, the daughters of John and Helen, or Juliana.

The scene planned from the outset

In this interview, David Scarpa has also referred to the one of the important scenes of the last episode : the confrontation between John and Helen. A scene intended by the writers from the beginning of their work on season 4. “It is a series of explosions for this family, in which lies and deceptions are exposed. It is the final explosion. It is a scene that we had envisioned from the start (…) It was a sequence very complicated,” he confided.

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