The Man in The High Castle season 4 : the end is coming, why you should not miss the series

The Man in the High Castle saison 4 : la fin est arrivée, pourquoi il ne faut pas manquer la série

The Man in The High Castle season 4 : the series ends

It is the end of a long and beautiful chapter… This Friday, 15 November, Amazon Prime Video is online season 4 of The Man in The High Castle, which is the last of the series with Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell and Joel de la Fuente. On this occasion, PRBK tells you why it is absolutely necessary to discover (if not already done) and what we can expect in the last 10 episodes. This article does NOT contain spoilers.

We must admit, Amazon Prime Video can’t really compete with Netflix in terms of the number of original series launched every week. But this does not mean that the platform does not offer quality content. Agree, there were some small misses (cuckoo Deutsch the Landes region), but it is still only a fraction of the content offered. Even before the arrival of Amazon Prime Video in France, Amazon Studios launched in the United States The Man in The High Castle, one of his greatest achievements, even if it is not the one the media talk about the most.

In PRBK, it’s been already several years that we’ve been proclaiming our love for this uchronie creepy and captivating, adapted from the novel The man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. The season 4 which is the latest and is available in full from this Friday 15 November is the perfect opportunity to mention again this work is unmistakable.

The Man in The High Castle, the series that you have to see absolutely

If The Man in The High Castle fascinates, it is first of all by its premise : we find ourselves immersed in the early 60’s. But in this world, the reality is different from ours : the nazi Germany won the Second World War and the United States are divided between the Reich, still led by Hitler, and the Japanese empire. Joe (Luke Kleintank) is sent by the Obergruppenführer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) for a delicate mission : infiltrate the Resistance who has in his possession a film showing an alternate reality where the Allies beat Germany. After the assassination of his sister, Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), who lives in San Francisco (and thus in the States the Japanese in the Pacific) took up the torch and will do everything to make the film in the neutral zone.

In a society where the extremes are gaining ground, The Man in The High Castle can only make us think about the excesses to which we may be required to be faced. But this series rewrites the history we were also amazed by the nuances she was able to bring to his characters, never uni-dimentionnel. For example, John Smith, the most bastard of all the bastards of the tv together. Leader of the nazi methods bloody, it was revealed over the episodes to be one of the characters in the most touching of the series. We even felt empathy for him. EMPATHY FOR A NAZI !

The Man in the High Castle saison 4 : la fin est arrivée, pourquoi il ne faut pas manquer la série

The Man in The High Castle : Rufus Sewell plays John Smith in the series

Rendez-vous in another world

More than a simple historical drama, The Man in The High Castle key also… to science fiction. Because in reality, one of the heroes has the “power” to travel between dimensions. A plot that takes importance over the episodes, season 3, tending more to science fiction : the nazis have discovered the ability to move from one world to the other have built a machine with which they wish to infiltrate the other worlds.

The end of an era

The following article contains spoilers about the season 3 (but not season 4)

The season 4, available today on Amazon Prime, resumes almost instantly after the end of the season 3 : Juliana has managed to travel in a new world but finds himself face to… John Smith (the costume nazi at least). A year will pass and we can find our heroes in a climate even more tense. In the east, the japanese empire is facing the BCR, a liberation movement led by African Americans who claim their independence. In the west, John Smith, whose wife Helen has gone to the end of season 3 finds itself in a delicate situation, and some put in doubt his commitment and values his family.

For its last 10 episodes, The Man in The High Castle has not finished to surprise us ! And it starts from the first minute with an unexpected event (don’t worry, we don’t say more not to spoil the suspense). These episodes leave the nice part to new characters while continuing to explore the story of Juliana and John Smith. The conclusion still seemed a bit rushed but we were not disappointed. One thing is for sure : The Man in The High Castle will remain one of the series that we were the most fascinated in recent years.

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