The man met at the wedding of his “clone”: there was a video

On the General picture the two wedding guest look almost identical

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Мужчина встретил на свадьбе своего "клона": появилось видео

The man met his twin at the wedding

29-year-old Ezli Josef at a wedding of a friend in the Malaysian state of Selangor has suddenly met his “clone”. The twins were dressed alike, came to the wedding in a red Polo, wearing glasses with black frames, and both were bald, writes the Mirror.

A childhood friend Josefa, Amir Zulfadli Zulkifli noticed that his colleague on the common wedding photo looks just like Malaysian.

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Later Amir captured on video the moment when Yosef and his double notice each other and start laughing. Both of them were surprised by this meeting, and they agreed to meet again to make a joint photo.

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Мужчина встретил на свадьбе своего "клона": появилось видео

Мужчина встретил на свадьбе своего "клона": появилось видео

Мужчина встретил на свадьбе своего "клона": появилось видео


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