The man of legends

The man of legends

A month ago, when he learned that COVID-19 had killed his friend Pierre Lacroix, it was a terrible shock for Marc Verreault. Four weeks later, last Tuesday, it was his turn and in much the same way, the same cursed virus.

Marc Verreault, 81, had been René Angelil’s best friend for more than 50 years, but he was also the incredible ally of a host of former stars of the National Hockey League by organizing, for more than 40 years, the matches of legends or ex-players of the Canadiens, everywhere in Canada. About fifty annual meetings which allowed former less fortunate to seek a small income and the better-off others to relive or perpetuate the joys of team life while practicing this wonderful and unifying sport which has built their lives.

For Marc Verreault, these players, from Maurice Richard to Guy Lafleur, as well as, more recently, the Richer, Brisebois, Bouillon, Delorme and Dandenault, they were his boys, his children and, at the same time, his idols.

He asked them to be as professional as they were in their heyday, to be warm and cordial with the public. For his part, with his assistant, Sylvie Gladu, he made them travel in the best conditions. Many, thanks to him, will have stretched to the maximum the pleasure of being a hockey star.

From time to time, Guy Lafleur will coach. Otherwise, Chris Nilan, Yvon Lambert or Steve Shutt will go behind the bench. Marc cared about the next generation.

Yvon Lambert keeps the memory of Marc as a class man always ready to help ex-players or even actors in difficulty.

“If something didn’t work out to his liking, he was straightforward and straightforward. I loved this man, ”adds Yvon.

Marc and his men also played card games on the bus, and when they arrived in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, they were as adored as in Quebec.

The Canadian is legendary and, for a very long time, this fame has continued in small amphitheatres across the country thanks to Marc Verreault. Hi mister !

From the enclave

The man of legends

  • Fishing for channel fish should resume on January 15 or 16 at Ste-Anne de la Pérade if the ice thickness allows it. Curious, this beautiful variable Quebec, no? Thursday, I fished for speckled trout on the Renard Bleu outfitter lake (St-Damien). There was over 20 inches of ice.

The man of legends

  • Few Montreal journalists mourn the departure of Max Domi. His attitude with some had even, last winter, provoked a systematic boycott. It’s nasty, journalists, when it wants. Especially with players who treat them high.

The man of legends

  • Happy birthday to my old boyfriend Normand Léveillé, the former Bruins, who is reaching the ketchup age: 57.
  • Boston Bruins goaltender Jim Stewart will never forget January 10, 1980. In his first NHL outing in his life, he allowed 3 goals in the first 4 minutes of play. withdrawn in favor of goalkeeper Marco Baron. End of career for Stewart, who has never been seen in the NHL.
  • A SEPAQ employee for years at the Mastigouche wildlife reserve, Sylvain Ferland is celebrating his 65th birthday today. Good retirement !

The man of legends

  • Did you know that 289 players have played only one game in the history of the National League? Among these, the guardian Olivier Michaud and Moe Robinson (Larry’s brother) with the Canadiens. Also, Don Cherry in 1955 in Boston and Ryan Bourque (son of Raymond) with the Rangers in 2014.
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