The man pulled out of a trash lottery ticket and get rich

The American thought at first that the ticket is losing

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Мужчина достал из мусора лотерейный билет и разбогател

The American won the lottery thousands of dollars

Jeff To flights from the American city of Harrison, Michigan, took out the trash thrown out on the eve of a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot.

The American admitted that he considered the purchased ticket Lucky for Life losing. “I bought it last Wednesday, and on Thursday morning saw the results of the lottery on the website, he recalls in conversation with UPI. — No digit does not match, so I dumped him.”

The next day To realized that made a mistake: it is too early checked the results of the game. The man again went to the site and study the winning combination of numbers. “On the screen were the same numbers that I usually choose,” explained the American. Then he got a lottery ticket in the trash.

Now lucky male will get 25 thousand dollars every year until the end of life.

Wife winner, Wendy Haining, said that the money came in handy. “At the beginning of the current year, Jeff had a heart attack, we can say it three times died before they saved his life, — the woman told. — I’m so happy he’s still with us. Now we can enjoy and afford what you previously could not.”

Earlier, the organizers of the lottery Mega Millions announced that a resident of South Carolina, who wished to remain anonymous, turned to him with a statement to claim the jackpot of $ 1.5 billion. In addition, earlier it became known that the winning ticket of Mega Millions, giving the right to receive the jackpot in the amount of 521 million dollars, was sold in new Jersey. We also wrote that in July, the lucky guy from California got the jackpot in the amount of 522 million dollars.

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Мужчина достал из мусора лотерейный билет и разбогател

Мужчина достал из мусора лотерейный билет и разбогател

Мужчина достал из мусора лотерейный билет и разбогател


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