The man quickly lost, having exchanged food for beer

At the beginning of lent the greenback was weighed to 132.6 kg

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Мужчина стремительно похудел, променяв еду на пиво

Dell Hall

American Dell Hall managed to survive the 46 days of lent by eating exclusively beer and lost 20 pounds, writes LADbible.

Hall started to fast March 6 and concluded on Sunday, April 21, the day of Catholic Easter. It was inspired by the example of the papal monks from a monastery near Munich, which in the middle ages during lent ate only beer doppelbock own cooking. The strength of the drink was up to 12 degrees.

In addition to the beer Hall occasionally drink unsweetened tea, black coffee without sugar and carbonated water, and also took multivitamins. The day the man drank two to five Beers. He said he did not feel either hungry or drunk, but sometimes dreamt about food.

At the beginning of lent the greenback was weighed to 132.6 kg. Hall said that he feels great and during the post never snapped. At the end of lent, at midnight, he ate bone broth to prepare the stomach for solid food. Later, at a meeting with his friends, he tasted a small portion of guacamole.

Recall, the man has lost twice and called a simple method of weight loss. We also reported that the 29-year-old Jennifer Malik from Blackpool (UK) for 16 months, has lost 95 pounds.

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