The man suddenly received a reply to a letter, thrown into the river seven years ago: photo

Over the years, the message arrived from the German city of Bonn to New Zealand

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Christian Gogos from the German city of Bonn received a reply to a message in a bottle seven years ago. As it turned out, the man’s children threw the note in the river Rhine in 2013. For seven years she sailed to New Zealand. This Gogos told on his page on Facebook.

“A huge journey for a small bottle! Unfortunately, the recipient didn’t leave his address. Please help us find Scott, Julia, Leah and Alice joy out of Auckland, we would like to thank them,” wrote Christian.

Мужчина неожиданно получил ответ на письмо, брошенное в реку семь лет назад: фото

The German received a reply to a message in a bottle

The German asked the users of the Network to distribute the publication to help him track down the authors of the response letter. A few days post Christian Gogos became viral. They have shared almost a thousand users. Dozens of commentators wished him good luck in the search.

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We will remind, in January 2018 resident of Australia Tonya Illman told a wonderful story: she was found on the beach a message in a bottle thrown into the sea, 132 years ago. Also “Today,” wrote, as in Australia, the ocean washed up on land a bottle with a secret message inside.

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