The man tried to poison a colleague by the water and killed himself

32-year-old David Xu put the employee cadmium

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Мужчина пытался отравить коллегу водой и погубил себя

An American woman tried to poison at work

In the us city of Berkeley, California, arrested the chemist, who tried to poison the colleague, the newspaper reports the Washington Post.

An employee of the company Berkeley Engineering and Research Rong yuan drew attention to the strange taste and smell coming from water and food, which she brought to work. After meals she repeatedly became ill. Two relatives, who drank water from her bottle, and ill. In their blood found elevated levels of cadmium.

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The woman studied the recording surveillance cameras to my office and found that another employee, 32-year-old David Xu, has twice come to her bottle and something in her was mixed. The water test showed that it added cadmium. The woman went to the police.

SSC charged with attempted murder, poisoning and causing grievous bodily harm. He faces life imprisonment. The motives that pushed him to crime, remain unclear.

Cadmium poisoning is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea. In severe cases it can result in death. Prolonged use of low doses of cadmium causes damage to kidneys and makes bones fragile, increasing the likelihood of fractures.

Recall, the fifth-grader had 13 classmates drink a liquid for cleaning the sewers. In addition, we wrote that in Germany the judge an elderly German who years poison a colleague. Watch the video on:

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Мужчина пытался отравить коллегу водой и погубил себя

Мужчина пытался отравить коллегу водой и погубил себя

Мужчина пытался отравить коллегу водой и погубил себя


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