The man voluntarily pay half a million hryvnias lover of his bride

Male ready to give her lover his girl a couple of expensive cars and spending money

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Мужчина добровольно заплатит полмиллиона гривен любовнику своей невесты

Anonymous millionaire looking for the lover of the bride

Wealthy man, whose name was not disclosed, wrote a letter to the online store of luxury items Hush Hush. Anonymous client fears that his beloved only care about money, and it seems suspicious that after the engagement she in a hurry with the wedding and did not want to sign a prenup. So the rich man asked the store employees to look for her lover, reports the Daily Mirror.

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To get rid of doubt, the millionaire decided to hire young attractive man try to seduce his fiancée. The candidate for this role needs to be in good shape, have hair on your face and impress of a wealthy man.

The seducer will provide a luxury apartment, a few expensive cars and spending money. In addition, for his work, he will receive 15 thousand pounds (462 thousand hryvnias).

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