The man who dresses PK Subban

The man who dresses PK Subban

Even if he no longer evolves in Montreal since 2016, defender PK Subban is still attached to the Quebec metropolis and its artisans.

It is, in fact, the designer Pascal Labelle who takes care of making the clothes of the former defender of the Canadian as well as of several world stars.

“Whenever I meet someone like PK Subban, my goal is to listen to create something like them. It’s up to me to impress her. Each time, I have to surpass myself. I take this opportunity to go and watch matches at the same time. I like it because we tell each other anecdotes, ”said the artist during his appearance on the JiC show on Friday.

The Labelle company, which specializes in coats, has stood out for the past fifteen years.

“The workshop is in Montreal and we produce everything here. At the beginning, we wanted to specialize in tailor-made. I managed to make myself known like that. I have specific types of clients, like NBA players who are over seven feet tall with extremely long arms. ”

Even if the Quebecer enjoys international notoriety, he has not forgotten his roots.

“It’s flattering when you see people from all over the world using your services, but I have a nice market here too. People love the fact that everything is made here. My product is very suitable for our lifestyle. ”

For people who would like to buy clothes, Labelle maintains that the prices are affordable.

“For the prices, we adapt. I want people to be able to get it. It’s different from the artists who approach me to ask me completely outlandish things. A coat like the one I’m wearing right now sells for around $ 1,000. ”

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