The man who has tried to return to Rideau Hall would have threatened Trudeau

L’homme qui a tenté de rentrer à Rideau Hall aurait menacé Trudeau

OTTAWA | The man who attempted to go armed at Rideau Hall would have threatened the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

In documents filed with the court and consulted by the Globe and Mail, the royal canadian mounted police said that Corey Hurren, 46-year-old, “had knowingly uttered a threat […] or was a threat […] or ensure that the prime minister Justin Trudeau is in danger of death or bodily harm.”

The documents have also indicated that he was heavily armed when he pushed the gates of the official residence of the prime minister last Thursday.

The former soldier who was converted in the food industry was in the possession of an assault rifle M-14 — a weapon made illegal on 1st may by the federal government, two rifles and a revolver to use restricted, for which he would not have allowed.

The man would have left a note in the truck that served as the battering ram against the gate, but what he wrote is still unknown.

The Manitoba is facing 22 counts of criminal related to this event, the pattern of which is not known.

During the incident, Justin Trudeau was not on the premises. The prime minister has been living since his first election in 2015 at the Rideau Cottage, which is not far, as the residence of Rideau Hall is waiting to be renovated and secure.

The governor general, Julie Payette, who resides on the grounds of Rideau Hall also, was not present.

On Thursday morning, the man broke down the gate with his vehicle at 1 Sussex drive. Employees were then seen walking with what appeared to be a firearm.

After a little more than ten minutes, the forces of order have had a visual contact with the suspect and were then engaged in a discussion with him. During this dialogue, he gave his name and other information, and then at 8: 30 a.m. he was apprehended without incident.

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