The Mandalorian season 1 : the GIFs of the series censored from the Internet by Disney ?

The Mandalorian saison 1 : les GIFs de la série censurés d'Internet par Disney ?

The Mandalorian : the GIFs of the series censored by Disney ?

Currently airs on Disney+ in the United States, the season 1 of The Mandalorian finds himself at the centre of controversy. No relation with its episodes, but the GIFs of the series – and, in particular, Baby Yoda, have recently been censored. The fault in the studio ?

Baby Yoda the buzz is all about…

Each week since the launch of Disney+ in the USA – platform SVOD Disney intended to compete with Netflix, subscribers (and a few million hackers around the world) passionately follow the season 1 of The Mandalorian, the first series in live-action, adapted from the Star Wars universe.

A fiction that was long awaited fans for years and that has caused a veritable tidal wave in the world of buzz thanks to the end of episode 1. The reason for this ? We were simply allowed to meet… “baby Yoda”. A surprise as cute as exciting for the rest of the story – and its links with the various films, which has quickly spawned hundreds of GIFs already cult.

… and censor

Problem, as has been noticed with misunderstanding the internet users, those famous GIFs have disappeared from the Internet these last few days, including on the famous site Giphy. And necessarily, as Disney is known to be very strict with copyright and Disney+ has recently put some of his subscribers back after having ill-treated the episodes of the Simpsons available through its catalog, it was not necessary any more for the studio is accused of being behind this censorship 2.0.

A censorship that has caused the anger of the public, even more than the reveals Jeff John Roberts of Fortune in an article of Forbes – picked by IGN, the GIFs do not break any rules of copyright and are, on the contrary, in the category of “Fair Use” (‘fair use’ in French) : “The GIFs can be considered “transformative” in the face of the copyright law because they ruin not the market of the original artwork. Person, for example, is not going to settle for a GIF of Star Wars rather than watch the original film“.

The fault of Disney or Giphy ?

But is this really true ? Mickey’s house-she actually banned the Internet of GIFer Star Wars ? A priori, the answer is… no. As surprising as it may seem, Giphy has required, in effect, to apologize for this controversy by assuming the responsibility : “in The past week, there has been a sort of confusion around a certain type of content that is uploaded to Giphy and we have temporarily removed these GIFs in order to assess the situation. We apologize to Disney for this inconvenience and we are happy to announce that the GIFs are present again“.

All is well that ends well ? Given that we are not in a Disney movie, you want to answer no. Just take a ride on Giphy to realize that the site is almost entirely composed of GIFs from films, series, documentaries… therefore, it is difficult to see why the site would suddenly decided to pay attention to the GIFs specifically related to Star Wars. He was threatened by Disney in a first time before you see the studio change its mind in the face of the controversy emerging on the social networks ? Giphy he agreed to wear the hat in exchange for a future favor ? It is in these moments that Sherlock or Detective Conan would be useful…

The Mandalorian saison 1 : les GIFs de la série censurés d'Internet par Disney ?

The Mandalorian : the GIFs of the series censored by Disney ?

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