The Manor Liverpool threatened with closure

Le Manoir Liverpool menacé de fermeture

The CISSS of the Chaudière-Appalaches threat to revoke the certificate of conformity of the Manor Liverpool, a private seniors ‘ residence of Lévis.

A visit to the region on Tuesday, prime minister François Legault has confirmed that the Manor Liverpool must ” correct the shortcomings “.

“The CEO of the CIUSS told me that there had been inspections in recent years, and that in general the services were good, but that there has been gaps. And it has been requested, has been given a period of 10 days to correct the deficiencies “, explained Mr. Legault.

An administrative investigation is ongoing, and, according to the prime minister, we cannot exclude at this time that the permit and that the patients be removed.

“We’re going to have to wait until the results of the study and see if there are any corrections that are made to the gaps that have been reported. “


Last June 10, a notice of intent to revoke the certificate of compliance from the residence was sent to the owners Manon Belleau and Claude Talbot.

In the document, one can read that during a scheduled meeting of all staff on 3 June last year, several residents, on three different floors, were left unattended and that no clerk was instructed to respond to the system call using.

In addition, a patient who has been declared positive, the COVID-19 has been circulating in the corridor and is even introduced in the room of another resident, which has called for help.

“The residence has not taken the necessary measures to ensure the monitoring, the health and safety of the residents during the duration of this meeting “, say the authorities.

Security risk

May 20, 2020, a letter has also been sent in respect of the major gaps that pose a risk to the health or safety of persons residing at the Manor in Liverpool.

In the month of April, the Manor Liverpool Levis has been placed under trusteeship, managed by the CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches, then responsible for the management and care of the facility.

The outbreak is major in this environment and the lack of personnel are factors that have necessitated the change of operation.

The objective was to provide care and services in a safe and quality to all residents, while ensuring the protection of workers.

– With Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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