The marathon in the coma because of the COVID-19

Du marathon au coma à cause de la COVID-19

Ahmad Ayyad was in the best shape of his life. This has not prevented the Us from being defeated by the COVID-19, which sent him into a medically induced coma for nearly a month.

Today, Ahmad Ayyad implore people not to take the virus lightly.

After being woken up from a coma for 25 days, the 40 year old man had lost 60 of his 215 pounds of muscle and did not understand why a tube had been stuck in his throat. Two months later, he is still suffering from the after-effects of the virus, despite her determination to regain her form from before.

“I’m awake, and I looked at my arms, my legs and my muscles had disappeared. I paniquais! I was wondering where were my legs. “What happened to my legs?”” he entrusted to the network CNN.

Before the new upsurge of cases in the United States and the relaxation of the application of health measures of its citizens, Ahmad Ayyad implore people to take the threat seriously, even if they believe themselves to be invincible in front of the coronavirus.

“I am very concerned to see that people take it lightly. I caught it, I survived and I’m still terrified,” he says.

Flirting with death

The athlete had a mode of life extremely active prior to his mishap: in addition to training daily, he managed his own restaurant in Washington, d.c. in addition to giving a helping hand in the family business. Ahmad Ayyad ran marathons, participated in obstacle courses, followed courses of basketball and practiced boxing.

Then, he felt a great fatigue. Take the stairs left him short of breath, like cooking or simply talking. Followed the cough, fever and a loss of energy and appetite. A few days later, he learned that he had the coronavirus after a test.

His condition had meanwhile deteriorated, so that the physicians of the Johns Hopkins hospital, in Baltimore, have no other choice than to place her on a ventilator, in a medically induced coma.

“I called a friend to tell him to go get my dog and that is all. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me, ” recalls Ayyad. I didn’t know if it was the last time that I was going to talk to him. I didn’t know if I was going to die.”

Fortunately, the athlete has conquered the virus, but the fighting has not stopped to wake her up. He had to relearn to walk, talk, and eat. In the following weeks, every gesture, asking him a dose of considerable amount of energy and left him breathless.

“This is not a joke”

After weeks of rehabilitation, the athlete was finally able to find his residence, but with a blood clot in the left arm, and damage to the heart and to his lungs. Ayyad was still able to find his frame athletic.

If he is to return to a semblance of normality, the man continues to worry about the spread of the virus.

“People behave as if the virus was gone. It is not. Wear your mask. Do not make large gatherings”, pleaded he.

“Take the virus seriously. This is not a joke. It can kill you. Even if you think you may be in good health or immune, you’re not.”

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