The marina of Lachine replaced by a waterfront park

La marina de Lachine remplacée par un parc riverain

MONTREAL – The Port de plaisance de Lachine in Montreal will be transformed into a waterfront park for swimming and water activities non-motorized for all.

The City of Montreal plans to invest more than $ 20 million for these renovations which will take place gradually through 2025.

“Following the floods in the spring of 2017 and 2019, the facilities of the marina, which date back several decades, have been heavily damaged. Considering the obsolescence of the infrastructure and the significant investments required for the maintenance of current activities, the choice was made to restore ecological value to the site, with emphasis on a lasting stabilization of the stream banks, while providing access to water, exceptional montrealers who will be able to enjoy various water activities,” said Robert Beaudry, responsible for housing, real estate strategy and large parks to the executive committee, by issuing a press release on Wednesday.

This park will be located opposite the banks of the Lachine and parc René-Lévesque.

In addition to swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing, rowing will be possible at this location.

“These developments are sustainable, in a privileged place of the Lachinois, will have a beneficial impact to our sailing clubs, for the economic growth of our borough and for the protection of our water,” said Maja Vodanovic, mayor of the borough of Lachine.

The next year, the development plans and the programming of the site will be the subject of consultations with citizens.

The marina will continue its activities normally until its planned closure next fall.

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