The mascot of the “Kyivpastrans” a rival of “Ukrzaliznytsya”

Superheroes, photos of which recently introduced a transport company, has been criticized in the network

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У талисмана "Киевпастранса" появился конкурент из "Укрзализныци"

Talismans and Railways Kyivpastrans

Netizens are actively discussing the appearance of the mascot from KP “Kyivpastrans” and the instant response from Ukrzaliznytsia, which has created its own hero.

“It’s a shame, but Kievmetrostroy just can not afford to save the city train. Here we need the soul train experience and superpower Gelsomina”, – stated in the CL.

У талисмана "Киевпастранса" появился конкурент из "Укрзализныци"

However, both characters were criticized by Ukrainians.

“In the suburban clean up, asshat,” “In your case it’s Klopman”, “Toad vs. Viper”, “is He blind?”, “Let Salesmen open the lifts at the station Vinnitsa,” write the users of the network.

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We will remind, earlier the municipal enterprise “Kyivpastrans” has presented its new mascot – Kievmetrostroy. The Director General of the company Dmitry Levchenko wrote on his page in Facebook that is “a symbol of the irreversibility of changes in the field of Metropolitan public transport”.

У талисмана "Киевпастранса" появился конкурент из "Укрзализныци"


We also wrote that the club mascot “Cologne” goat Hennes retiring after 11 years faithfully served the football club. The reason – health problems, which were discovered by veterinarians. In addition, the “Today” said, both in Tokyo, presented the Olympic robots-charms.

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