The Mask 2 : a sequel in preparation, with Jim Carrey ?

The Mask 2 : une suite en préparation avec Jim Carrey ?

The Mask 2 : a sequel in preparation, with Jim Carrey ?

This is the rumor, the most unexpected of the week, the idea of a film The Mask 2 is in the process of cogitation in the offices of Warner Bros and Studio Line. And obviously, it could not be done with Jim Carrey in front of the camera.

The Mask 2 with Jim Carrey in the works ?

This summer, Mike Richardson – producer of the film of 1994 and creator of the publishing house Dark Horse Comics, which publishes comics The Mask, opened the door to a new film adapted from this title. Better, he confided to Forbes, expect to see a woman succeed Jim Carrey under the famous mask : “I’d like to see an actress with a real talent for physical. I’ve got one, but I can’t tell you his name. We must struggle to be successful for this actress so special. We’ll see. You never know what’s in the future, we have a few ideas“.

Since then, no news on this project. However, as revealed by Movieweb, this does not mean that the license is forgotten by the studios. On the contrary, according to the website, the “important people at Warner and New Line are hoping to motivate Jim Carrey return to his role as Stanley Ipkiss in a continuation of the film of 1994. But no word on the desire or not to bring back also Cameron Diaz“.

And why not ?

Attention, it is a non-official to be taken with huge tongs. However, there are reasons to believe exist. First, Jim Carrey seems to have found a liking to the comedy off the wall, reflected in its future performance in the movie Sonic, which promises to be magical. Secondly, the actor has already proven to be open to this idea.

In 2016, he said to Extra : “I want to participate in the sequel of one of my films. I’m finally ready to revisit what I have already done in the past.” According to him, such a project he would stick to his expectations and those of the public : “kids come to see me every day to speak to me about The Mask and Ace Ventura. A new generations of fans want to see sequels of these films. So why not“.

Only downside, the actor has also of what to be reticent. After all, Dumb and Dumber To released in 2014 – following the film Dumb & Dumber, 1994, has not been very well-received by fans and critics. Also, Jim Carrey may or may not want to spoil his legacy with films not necessarily helpful.

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