The Mask 2 Jim Carrey ready for a sequel to A condition

The Mask 2 : Jim Carrey prêt pour une suite à UNE condition

The Mask 2 Jim Carrey ready to be a result of A condition

Jim Carrey has never hidden, but he comes once again to remind you, it is not against the idea of playing in a film The Mask 2. However, the actor has also held, such a result would only be achieved to a very important requirement.

In the movie Sonic, the adaptation film of the popular video game, Jim Carrey embodies the role particularly unbridled of Doctor Robotnik. Of what to allow him to have fun like never in front of the camera, to remind us of his immense comic talent and give him some ideas for the future. In full promo for this film, the actor was in fact entrusted on a potential suite of… The Mask.

Jim Carrey ready for The Mask 2

Interviewed by ComicBook on the possibility of the review rethread the green mask, Jim Carrey first revealed not to be opposed to the concept of following : “I think never in terms of a sequel or other stuff like that. For example, this film [Sonic] would lend itself well since we have not yet done so entirely change the character of Robotnik“.

And then, the unforgettable interpreter of Stanley Ipkiss really has opened the door to The Mask 2, with the condition to comply with any of its requirements : “It depends on the director. Really, it would depend on him. I don’t want to make a sequel to only for the idea to make a sequel. But I would do it, provided you have a developer incredibly visionary. That’s for sure !

A statement exciting (who has never dreamed of such a result ?) but also reassuring since, always marked by the failure of Dumb & Dumber 2, Jim Carrey does not seem to want to repeat the same mistakes.

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