The mask is less effective if it is badly worn

Le masque est moins efficace s’il est mal porté

Mask hanging on the neck or pendouillant to the ear, multiple handling : the cover face is often incorrectly used, which can reduce its effectiveness.

Mandatory in enclosed public places in Quebec on July 18, the cover face is widely adopted by the citizens.

But a simple visit near a metro station and in a shopping mall is enough to see that the best practices are quickly forgotten.

“It’s been a long time since I the door. I put it under my nose to breathe better, ” says Javier Salazar that The Log has crossed to the exit of the subway.

For its part, Moubassirou Diallo says that he has fallen under his nose inadvertently to go to the atm.

As most passers-by interviewed, the two men were in fact good practices, but are sometimes evidence of letting go for reasons of comfort.

Moubassirou Diallo, crossed at the output of an atm, do not realize that his mask had slipped under his nose.

Lower efficiency

The mask is less effective when it is not worn ?

“The effectiveness of the mask is limited, and it is even more so when you don’t wear it in the right way,” says Dr. Christian Jacob, president of the Association of microbiologists of Quebec, which was critical of the obligation of the cover face.

“The majority of people breathe through the nose. Of course, the risk of projection of droplets is less than by the mouth, but a mask worn in the nose] removes part of the protection, ” stresses Gaston De Serres, medical epidemiologist at the national Institute of public health of Quebec.

It indicates, however, that no study has ruled on this subject.

The two experts agree that one does not lose anything to put all the chances on our side.

A few tips

When asked about this, the two experts remember a few guidelines for wearing the mask :

  • The proper position on his face : “When it is worn, the mask or the cover face should be clean and it should be affixed so as to cover the nose and under the chin. If there is a bar [on the nose], it should be tighten so that it stays in addition to reducing the entry of air, ” explains Dr. Greenhouse.
  • Not key : “once we are in the door, we should avoid playing with. If you touch it, you should wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer, ” adds the specialist.
  • Find the right model for oneself : “When it is not well adapted, it is difficult to wear it for a long time,” explains Dr. Jacob.
  • Be patient : “there is a certain time of adaptation, but you get used to it ! “, he insists.
  • The wash : “we would have to wash it every day. If it is worn for a couple of minutes, it shouldn’t be a problem to deliver it. However, we need to be careful how one handles it, ” notes Dr. De Serres.
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