The mask is mandatory almost everywhere in the school

Le masque obligatoire presque partout dans l’école

The mask will need to be added to the list of school supplies for students in Quebec beginning in the fifth year, announced on Monday that the government-to-three weeks of the season.

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, has presented at Montreal adjustments to the game plan of the government, which was to be expected on a firm footing by parents and teachers.

“It is a priority that we succeed this great return […] It is crucial to re-open our schools “, he said.

Beginning in the fifth year and up to adult education, the port of the cover face will be mandatory.

Not in class

The mask will not be worn inside the classrooms or when students are at the table. However, like all members of the staff, they will have to cover the face of travelling in the school or the transportation to and from school.

In addition, the government recommends that children from a lower level to the 5th grade to wear a cover face in the same circumstances, but this is not mandatory.

The visitors will have to wear the mask all the time, except if they are sitting in an auditorium with a distance of 1.5 meters between them.

Other adjustments, the students will not be grouped together into a bubble of six students.

In the same class, the students will not have to comply with a distance physical between them. However, a distance of two metres must be maintained between youth and staff.

For colleges and universities, it is the task of the mask required in closed places which will be implemented as announced last month.

The other safety instructions, such as washing of hands and disinfection of the premises will continue.

According to the minister, the return of the spring, outside of Montreal, proves that you can balance school and the COVID-19.

Mr. Roberge hopes that the announced adjustments will reassure the parents with whom he promises to be transparent.

Nothing to hide

“You have nothing to hide,” he said.

Parents will be notified as soon as there will be a case reported positive in their child’s class, and even in the school.

Parents will receive a guide “to stick on the fridge” on the procedure to follow in case of COVID-19.


Catching up… and at a distance

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge (pictured), promised on Monday to “additions of service, periods of consolidation and catching up” for students who have missed up to three months on the benches of school in the spring.

“We want to catch up with our delays […] You will want to provide more for our students,” he vaguely said, adding that the details will come later.

It has, however, promised that 24 hours after the closure of a class or a school, the students would receive distance education, with minimum levels of services, depending on the grade level.

For example, a high school student would be entitled to a minimum of 15 hours of classes per week and two hours of access to teachers per day.

Nearly $ 100 million in technology equipment, have been ordered, said the minister.

It is also possible that a part of the teaching of optional courses in secondary 4 and 5 takes place at a distance.

The offer of distance education will also be extended to the students, or those who have a loved one with medical problems, putting them at risk.

Sports-Arts-Studies in the blur

All programs Sports-Arts-Studies are permitted, said the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, who was recognized in the same breath that several schools will not be able to offer.

“Honestly, Sports-Arts-Studies it is more hard because of the health environment […] Some schools are going to get there, other schools will be forced to reduce or not be able to just not do it,” he said.

It leaves it to schools to decide what programs could continue or not this fall, while respecting the safety instructions, such as disinfection after each use of premises or equipment.

Faster results

Dissatisfied with the delays to obtain the test results of the COVID-19, the minister of Health, Christian Dubé, promises that it will be more efficient.

Parents and schools should not have to wait up to five days, or more, to know the results of a test.

“We still have three weeks, we will have a better speed,” he said Monday in a press conference.

The minister says are in discussion with the CEOS of the centres of health and social services to see if they could create corridors of access to screening for children and their parents.

No bubbles

The idea of bubbles of only six students, raised in June, was finally rejected by the government.

“The bubble, this is the class “, said Jean-François Roberge. As well, students should rub shoulders with the 20 to 25 other young people in their classroom.

This will be the teachers who are going to move. Inside the class, distancing physical will not be necessary. But the distances of two metres must be observed between the students of other classes.

At recess, outside, the students do not have to wear the mask, but they should once again stay in the same group.

To ensure consistency with the adjustments announced, the children 10 years of age and over must wear the mask mandatory in enclosed public places as early as 24 August.


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