The mask is shunned in the bus to Quebec

Le masque boudé dans les autobus à Québec

There will be much to do for all users of public transport in Quebec wear the mask by 13 July, the day on which it will be mandatory, and it is not necessary to rely on the drivers to ” play the police “.

In the aftermath of the announcement of François Legault to make compulsory the wearing of the covering face in public transport, The Newspaper has made a tour in the bus to see how many people wear it already.

Force is to admit that still very few people have taken the lead on the due date of 13 July.

When sampling from a non-scientific fact on the route to Metrobus 801 between the national assembly and Université Laval, The Newspaper has found that only 27 % of the users wore a cover-face during the journey.

The vast majority of people on the ferry did not have masks.

About 103 people, that are mounted to the edge of the round-trip, only 28 people were wearing a mask.

Of this number, many users have not complied to the letter with the recommendation.

A young woman has in particular removed a few seconds after its entry. “It was warm, said Marie-Julie, it depends on how much there is of the world. “

The mask is mostly worn by the older people, but sometimes only partially. A woman had under the nose, while a man boarded a few stops later had his mask under his chin.

Not interested in playing the police

A mother and her twin nine-year-old wore a protection. “It’s almost a game for them, they have chosen their color,” said Nadia.

During his announcement, the prime minister said that “there will be no police” to handle entries without a mask in transport. It is, however, concerned about the bus drivers with whom The Newspaper spoke.

If the Union of the employees of the RTC has not yet wanted to respond, its members seem to be unequivocal : “No, I will not make the police “.

Without being named, one of the drivers has agreed to give his opinion.

“According to my survey house, I have not talked to a driver who is going to do the police “, said the one who took the pulse of several colleagues since the announcement.

“It leads to interactions. We will pick up with everyone. Each time it intervenes, the tone goes up immediately, ” says the one who makes up on a daily basis with verbal insults.

Among taxi drivers, many have installed plexiglas in their car since the beginning of the pandemic. “I don obligerai not, said Sam, but if he coughs, he will stay outside. “

Rare on the ferry

The traversiers du Québec are also included in the directive which will be implemented on 13 July. However, only a small minority of users had a mask on the Alphonse-Desjardins building at the crossing of the river back and forth, yesterday noon.

In addition to a man who removed his mask on the bridge because ” too hot “, only one family had cover face.

Yannick Marchesseault and her children on the ferry between Québec and Lévis.

“It is more of a symbol ; we attention,” said Yannick Marchesseault and her three children.

Again, the employees were rather refractory. “Interested person, to make the police force “, has launched an employee.

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